Smiles, moving experiences, and joy to all…

At ZEN, we don’t just offer amazing food but our gratitude to our customers’ patronage and our very spirit. We treasure every encounter with the customer, offering them smiles, joy, moving experiences, and lasting memories as we always remain close to them.

Our determination

Rather than simply providing customers with delicious cuisine, we pride ourselves on each ingredient and use them as they come into season while working to provide cooking in a way only ZEN can offer. Especially with our premium Kobe beef (A5 grade), we strive for a better steak for the customer, employing the expertise of our owner. Relish our juicy, fragrant steaks with gusto as you also enjoy conversing with our chefs and watching their performances.


Gaze upon performances as they unfold before your eyes by the owner with forty odd years of experience in teppanyaki as well as our chefs and staff with decades of training abroad! From balls of butter flying through the air and the rhythmic sounds of shaker performances to astonishing flambé flames and more⁠—don’t miss it. Everything we do, day by day, is just to see our customers enjoy themselves.